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sobota, 13 października 2012

Marcin Sporek: "I'm a Hero!"

Marcin Sporek: "I'm a Hero!":

Marcinek is two years old and 6 months. It is a clever boy and smiling. Like most children of this age loves fairy tales, but most of his older brothers. Unfortunately, can not play with them often, as from 9 months almost non-stop in the hospital. Neuroblastoma is a malignant tumor of childhood. Develops very insidiously and there is a very high probability of relapse. If Marcinek in the fourth stage of the treatment must be associated, in addition to blocks of chemotherapy, an operation, autograft, radiation, chemicals in tablets. And that ends up treatment in Poland. There is treatment abroad increasing by 20% probability of a cure, but it is very expensive - about 120 thousand euros. It is the sum unreachable for us, Marcinek parents. Our only hope is your help. Let's make him a chance to return to health i .. to the family. Let's help him win!

Thank you very much for the fact that you are helping. Every penny paid for Marcinek proves that we are not indifferent to you that we are not alone, that there are people around with a big heart.
Thank you also for any other assistance, for your kindness, for your support and for your prayers.
If you are interested in our history, please, use auto translator to translate our posts. Sorry but we can not translate everything into English.
You can also write to us in English and German. We will gladly answer your questions and hear your suggestions.

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